Five Unexpected Places Food Bloggers Need to Check In

There are a lot of countries which are popular because of the food they serve to its tourists. Countries like France and Italy has always been written on top of the list especially in blogs that are controlled by food travelers. However, apart from these famous countries, there are other nations that actually serve good food as much as France and Italy serve.  

Here in this article you could read some of the most unexpected countries that offer good food on the table. If you are planning to travel around the world, don’t forget to visit these places to have a happy tummy while travelling. Enjoy reading! 

  1. Croatia 

Because it is at a crossroad between Italy and central Europe, Croatia’s history is very difficult to define but its diverse culinary prowess is undeniable. When you are inland, you’ll get to see a number of European food mostly focused on cheese, noodles, meats as well as beer spirits. One of Croatia’s region called Istria is set with a strong local food corner that is central to the region’s produce such as seafood, mushrooms as well as olive oil washed and served with some excellent wine and fruit spirits.  

  1. Jamaica 

This country has got chicken, Appleton Estates Rum as well as beer and all other tropical fruits you can eat. This Caribbean food corner features a lot of ingredients which you can’t easily find elsewhere so you must try this place at least once in your life. Ackee, Jamaica’s national fruit alongside with codfish is one of the most famous breakfast in the country.  

  1. Germany 

Just like its neighbor England, Germany has always been popular to serve stodgy food. If you are planning to take a stroll at this country, you might want to taste their flavorful pretzels, breads, noodles, sausages and of course their beer. Across the country, vegan menu has been popular and vegetarian people would surely find some good place to eat. 

  1. Peru 

A fun fact in this country is that most children in their primary schools would list ‘chef’ as their occupations. That means this country really takes food seriously. Because the country is abundant with seafood, meat as well as ‘superfood’ which the world has always been looking forward to such as amaranth, quinoa and the likes, this country have a lot on edge in contrast to other nations. Moreover, because the nation is multicultural at best, with Spanish, Japanese and Chinese influences, local and regional food scenes are waiting to be explored by visitors.  

  1. Myanmar 

This Southeast Asian country is starting to open up its doors to the world from a political isolation. Because Burma, as it is also popularly known, is bordering China, India and Thailand, its food scene is so diverse that tourists are flocking the country just to experience its local cuisine. Some food bloggers would define Myanmar’s delicacy as the true combination of Indian and Chinese cuisines, with ingredients and taste locally derived. However, the country makes sure that it has its own unique and distinct flavor apart from its influences.  

Now you have an idea where to go especially if you’re a blogger, so you have to prepare now! If you plan to have a road trip make sure to visit a mobile auto detailer first so you’re good to go. Enjoy your trip!  

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