Five Best Delicacies of the World

One of the many things to look forward to in travelling is the food that you get to taste on the specific country you are in. besides the beautiful sceneries and the breathtaking culture, food is one of the best things that a particular place could necessarily offer. According to research, one of the things that highlight’s a people’s culture is the kind of food they eat, be it main course or dessert. This is way if you want to experience the best that there is in a certain country, don’t forget to include tasting their food on the list. 

In this article, you could read different countries and their different specialties that you will surely enjoy. If you want to include food tasting in the itinerary of your next travel, then read on! 

  1. Peking Duck of China 

This dish is one superior Chinese food that is far away from those varieties that you take out for dinner. What makes this amazing roasted duck dish different from others is the sweet crispy and garlicky skin that you can’t taste in other recipes. More to this dish is also the silvers of meat that the duck is flavored for your pleasure. When you are in China to visit the Great Wall, don’t you dare miss this authentic Chinese food on your list! 

  1. Escargots of France 

You will surely be amazed how snails are actually real food that the French people eat! If you want to experience eating such at least once in your life, then this garlic butter snail from France is the one for you. Ancient Romans are known to have eaten snails as well as other civilizations around the world. However, the French made it a big deal and even listed it as one of their best tasting delicacies. Escargots are usually eaten as appetizers, served alongside with delicious mélange of garlic and parsley. The flavor that you get to taste in that snail is similar to butter so don’t worry! 

  1. Moussaka of Greece 

This dish is certified national casserole of Greece. This must-try dish is reportedly the comment of Greece towards the Lasagna of Italy and is made out of layers and layers of different ingredients within a cheesy béchamel sauce and is baked to golden. The main ingredient of this delicacy is eggplant alongside with lamb or ground beef. Artichokes and potatoes are also some of its ingredients.  

  1. Masala Dosa of India 

If you have been a devote carnivore all throughout your life, then this one dish from India might get you ordering something vegetarian. This South Indian dish is a paper-thin pancake made out of rice and lentils, cooked to perfection on a scorching griddle. The flavorful dish’s secret is a spicy concoction of mashed potatoes with onions alongside with a dose of garlic-flavored chutney.  

  1. Zucchini Flowers of Italy 

It is just proper to include Italy on the list because anybody who tasted deep-fried zucchini flowers say that it is a dish to die for. Stuffed with delicious mozzarella or ricotta filling, this sweet and crispy dish should be eaten in an instant.  

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